Southern Riders members come join us at the new Midrand Chapter Clubhouse opening on the 31st of November 2012. Badges are R30-00. We meet at 11am sharp at the Zenex Garage on the corner of Rabie and Jean ave (just off the Jean ave offramp).


Please note that parking is limited:
 There is parking inside for the bikes, please limit the amount of cars (we are a bike club after all, not a car club) and only park in the designated areas; there is one neighbour who is a total doos, keep off his grass). We’ll try to arrange a car guard. Too minimize the amount of cars, pack em like sardines in a can.


Bring your own: Tjop and dop, glasses, plates, cutlery, foods, snacks, extras, tv, decoder, first aid kit, kitchen sink, air conditioner, hairdryer, hair conditioner, life raft, boat, barf bag, seatbelts, etc. We can’t cater for everybody.

There is a swimming pool, all welcome (keep it clean for the enjoyment of all, drinks allowed in the pool but dont leave glasses near the edge or in the pool, it is a safety risk for your kids). Hopefully the weather will be with us.

We will provide the music and a great clubhouse.

Please note do not touch the displays, FINE R10 (Only Prof and Tiaan may handle the displays)

Use the ash trays and buckets, don’t litter FINE R20

National Prez (Johan) will be enforcing the fines (he gets a cut of the total), no exceptions.

WE PLANNED A GREAT AND FUN PROGRAM, IT WILL BE A WILD PARTY !! Please try to participate in all the events and the planned ride.

Ons Vice sal julle vanuit sy hoekie dophou.

  1. Inquisitor says:

    Dit is die 1ste Desember vir die wat nie die grap vang nie.

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