The Southern Riders MC

A motorcycle club that started in Bloemfontein and branched out to Pretoria.

You and your family are welcome at the Southern Riders MC. No matter what bike you ride, how old you are, what job you have, if you smoke & drink or even if you don’t. As long as you love riding your bike.

The Southern Riders are more then just another motorcycle club, its a family.

We… : care about each other, ride together, hang out together, party together, cry together when a member’s child is born, smile together when that child calls us “uncle”/”oom”, stand together through thick and thin, try to help each other out even when we go through struggles-together….Thats just the thing, together.

“I joined the club, and I knew none of the members, they welcomed me as a brother and accepted me as I am.” -Werner (founder W-Cape chapter)

When you wear the colors, you are no longer alone; we won’t judge you, because you have become one of us!

  • Zwei Seelen und ein Gedanke, Zwei Herzen, und ein Schlag. Lass Wörtern Taten folgen !
    • Translation: Two souls, one thought, Two hearts, one beat.     Let actions result from your words !

    southern riders

    southern riders

  1. Eric Sumpter says:

    would like to join you on fb…. for now….

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